Dec 7, 2013

Another great dive in Current Alley!

Yesterday we had again a great dive in Current Alley...: giant travallies, black tips, white tips, grey reefs and looooads of fish! Today in Apuri and Ternate : 2 frog fish, turtle, sea snake, tuna, blue spotted ray and many nudies! And that was the last "official" diving of this year. Tomorrow all guests leave the resort and we start full on with some renovations (much was done already in last month) and wet season break preparations.
We will finish the renovation of last two old (wooden) bungalows. Many of you know the problem of termites we are fighting since years, so we decided for brick construction framed with main structure in wood and still all thatched traditional roof.

We will definitely take an occasional break from  supervising, arranging and working on resort, to make few bubbles on a house reef. Will let you know if something interesting swims by :-). I will also try to post few photos of renovation in progress... BTW- wish you smooth preparations for X-mas & New Year! :-)

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