Jun 13, 2009

house reef dives

Latest news about our house reef : a juvenile winged pipe fish was spotted during a night dive along with a small orange frog fish . Also I could take a photo today of our two new discovered inhabitants: two splendid clown frog fish. More north at 24m a family of 7 pygmy Bargibanti are sharing the same gorgonian fan for some months now, some so big that we expect the family to grow in number quite soon. A couple of robust ghost pipe are always hanging around and some leaf fish have make home in front of the restaurant. The Pontohi pygmy have disappear for 2 weeks now but I’m sure we will find them again around.

Jun 6, 2009

You find it....

following the post : Muck dive in Kalabahi bay.
i asked a few person to see if in Europe, in some books they can find out about the nudi and the answer is Yes it exist : Ceratosoma Alleni from Chromodorididae family,
discover in 1996 by Gosliner.
So no need to wonder anymore !!!! thanks to Tita and Enrico for their successful research