May 22, 2009

fish and fish

And what about bigger animals? Because Alor is not only about excellent visibility, pristine reefs and macro life, Alor is also diving with fish…..well, we were quite lucky so far this year and to only mention the best, I like first to say that the eagle rays are still there at Current Alley, sometime the school can be up to more than 30, plenty of black reef sharks, some grey reef sharks and a school of yellow fin barracudas. The huge Tuna are still patrolling at Karl’s Dream, and may be the most unusual encounter was a school of 9 sting ray in mid water…usually you see this animal close to bottom looking for food or just resting but never more than 1 at the time….This was just amazing..

May 16, 2009

Muck in Kalabahi Bay

Today we dived Kalabahi Bay and today again was a wonderful muck dive, Wonderpus octopus, a couple of Cockatoo Waspfish, divers pipe fish to only mention the highlight…this remind me about the nudi ( see photo) we find last week at the same place …

I looked in our nudi book and I didn’t find anything similar. May be new specie? If anybody can give some light on the subject this would be fantastic.

May 14, 2009

mimic ghost pipe fish

Already many times this year the Halimeda ghost pipe fish was spotted by Junko, in Pura island but also in ternate island. This rare ghost pipe is soooo mimic with the algae that I’m not sure if it is rare or just difficult to spot ?????

May 10, 2009

small talk

Since the first time Neya find a Pontohi pygmy in the house reef (august 2008 ), we keep on finding some more. I think we even have found 2 different species, because after research on Internet I recognize the pygmy what I find few times already in our house reef : the Hippocampus severnsi, is more dark brown color while the Hippocampus Pontohi has more white dominant. both photos are from our house reef.


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We create this blog to share with you our everyday diving in Alor ( but also news about us and the resort in general ).

Our web site ( is nice but doesn't allow us to make changes so easilly, so we thought that the blog is the best option.

actually junko initiated the idea , for quite a while she already edit a blog in japanese.

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