Jan 24, 2014


Due to cancellation we just got 2 free spaces for  Raja Ampat Cruise on KM Ambai, date March 16-27, with Gilles from Alor Divers on board. Price with 10% discount is  2475 Euro. Can be for one couple or two friends. For more info contact us at info@alor-divers.com or alordivers@gmail.com .

Jan 12, 2014

How far will our beach grow???

While many beaches are fighting the erosion, our beach is enlarging at incredible rate!

The bench on the photo was put on the sand/grass line 4 years ago. The grass belt has since then extended towards the sea for over 6 mt !!! At this rate we risk that our sea front bungalows get a garden label and we'll have to construct a whole new line of sea view cottages ;-)... No worries, it will take many many years before ( and if) that happens for real. Anyway - we are very grateful that the sand is adding rather than being sweeped away...!

Jan 10, 2014

New 8.5 x 2.3 mt speed boat powered by 200 hp

This is our latest (fourth!) addition in the "fleet" of Alor Divers speed boats...( we temporarily removed its canvas roof)

With its spacious dimensions it is custom made to  accommodate 8 divers ( 2 groups of 4 divers) and 2 dive guides. The two groups will dive the same dive site but go UW with a small time lag to ensure diving in small groups. The addition of this boat was due to decision about slightly increasing resort's capacity and accommodating 14 divers (until now max 10 divers for full resort). At our busiest time we can now take  diving 3 groups on two boats to separate dive sites. Each speed boat will be (as always) accompanied by foreign dive master/instructors.

The speed boat is of superb quality, powered by 200 hp four stroke Suzuki engine. We could say it is the big brother of our third speed boat, as they both have Boston Whaler hull design.

About renovations and other changes at Alor Divers

We just ended 3 hectic working weeks in Alor and are quite satisfied with the job we did, especially since we were under heavy rain during first 2 weeks. Here is a list of major jobs and changes:

  • completely changed the roof structure of our restaurant as it was heavily eaten by termites. Apart from little extension above the food serving tables, we kept the same dimensions of the roof. The work is well done and we thank to local carpenters who were often wet from rain in order to get the job done on time! The wood we used is suppose to be termite resistant but only time can  test this statement :-P 
  • renovated the bathrooms of 2 bungalows
  • changed the last two old wooden floors in bungalows into a tile floor. We know that many of you appreciate the wood under your feet but those tiny wood eaters got to us! HOWEVER: the spacious terraces are still all wood, so its a nice compromise...
  • furnished and installed the bamboo frames for new mosquito nets, that will completely embrace the bed.
  • did a lot of sewing, making few new sets of bungalow curtains, that were also starting to show the wear and tear of passing time.
As we did  not manage to finish all the necessary repairs, we have scheduled another workaholic session end of Feb- beginning March. As every year, we will also change the menu a bit, incorporate some new exotic dishes and make few additions to improve the breakfast. This will be just prior to opening a new season, so we expect Alor Divers team to be  "pumped up" for welcoming our first 2014 guests! ;-)