Feb 24, 2016

Spectacular muck diving in Beang Bay, Pantar

WHERE?  Situated on the SE edge of  Pantar Island and at the foot of Mt. Sirung volcano, Beang Bay forms a natural haven with 800 meters wide opening into the Pantar Strait of Savu Sea.  A single village - Beang village- extends along the bay.  There is a hot spring on the shoreline and underwater we can observe hot water and gas bubbles ascending from the black volcanic seabed.

WHY?  In  Beang Bay are located few outstanding  muck dive sites  that can rival worldwide known Lembeh Strait by the number as well as variety of bizarre creatures seen underwater.  This year we will organize special day trips to Beang  Bay, upon request and when sea conditions are right. The round trip from the resort takes about 2 hours and there will be a reasonable surcharge for extra fuel.

 WHAT?  We did the trip few times last year and the list of things we spotted underwater is truly impressive: numerous pipefish (rough snout, ghost pipefish, ornate, halimeda), great number of different octopuses, rhinopias, devil fish and crazy number of frog fish (hairy, warty, ocelated, striated etc, in total over 30 on one single dive!), few solar powered nudibranches as well as uncountable number (we stop counting after a while) of many kind of nudibranches and slugs, loads of decorator and soft coral crabs, seahorses and much more!

Here are some photos, all courtesy of our guest Sabine Gabriel...


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