Dec 10, 2013

Ship wreck in Alor ?

Few days ago we got a shocking news that a cargo ship sank in Pantar Strait, between Pura and small Kepa Island. Accident happened due to complications in a strong current,  subsequent hull leak and  sinking of a boat. As we understand, boat was first a grounded on pinnacle formations that are rising to the surface (one of pinnacles is famous dive site Kal's Dream but it was not touched by this incident). Fortunately the crew of 16 (including captain) was rescued by local fishermen and authorities from Kalabahi - Alor. Whirlpool, created by strong currents, engulfed the boat and pulled it to greater depths. We haven't been to the location yet, but our source tells us the boat might be around 40mt depth, still visible from the surface.

No transported goods were salvaged, reports say there were many items for X-mas sale and  some heavy stuff from Pertamina oil company (two tank trucks and two machine units for filling fuel). We have sympathy for everyone who lost goods in this unfortunate event. As the boat was full of cargo coming from Surabaya and it apparently sank (for the moment) withing dive-able  depth, we are wondering if some will soon seize the opportunity to retrieve "free goods"? As a new wreck, its position is certainly not stabilized yet, so we hope any potential daring explorers will  be smart enough and not put themselves in unnecessary danger...

Well - as unfortunate as this accident is - we cannot ignore the fact that we might have a wreck dive in Alor?! Gilles is already talking about a check dive to see its exact location and position (with utmost care and from a very safe distance of course!!). It still might be a while before anyone is allowed to dive there, but one day [if] the wreck is well settled and marine flora/fauna makes itself cozy there, who knows- it might become a new attraction of Alor ! ;-)

PS: here is the link to Indonesian report on the incident, where you can see part of the boat before it sank completely... New ship wreck in Alor?

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