Dec 3, 2013

Diving season 2013 is closing soon

December is the best time to plan a long break (due to heavy rains and reduced visibility). Diving is nevertheless good considering conditions, actually often real "fishomania" with all the fish feeding on suspended particles! 

Rhinopias species are still in the Bay (as well as many other critters that we saw during the year) and there seems to be a bloom of Harlequin ghost pipe fish. 

November/December is also a great time for nudibranche lovers, we noticed -as usual for this time of the year-  an abundance in their numbers and variety. Few days ago divers had a great time on a house reef, encountering an Eagle ray, black tip and a turtle on a single dive! Not bad for closing the season ;-)
We are very happy with diving in 2013! We had some very exciting dives, in general witnessed great reef life and some stunning pelagic encounters !!

We saw schools of hammerheads (30+ !), thresher sharks, Mola Molas, black,white tips and grey reefs on many occasions. The reefs are in fantastic condition and the critter diving satisfied numerous divers.

Sure there were some "less" interesting moments when we felt everything was "sleeping" but this can happen and colorful reef was still there to compensate for lack of action :-). Sometimes few famous bay critters mysteriously disappeared until we tracked down their new hiding spot. Some divers were unlucky with diving conditions during their stay, which corresponded mainly with unfavorable Moon stages. 

However- so many of our divers left Alor absolutely enchanted by its underwater beauty and its above water tranquility, that we got [again] confirmation we are at the right place, doing the right thing!  :-) Now we have 3 months to do all the necessary  repair jobs and renovations and to think of  improvements (like we do every year :-)  ) that could enhance your experience at Alor Divers!

Happy bubbles and talk to you soon !

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