Nov 24, 2014

What's up with Alor Divers?

Has it really been that long since our last post?!? We were super busy since July until just recently. Now everything is pacing down and we realized we completely neglected blogging : /. We had a lot of great news that we unfortunately didn't share with you on time, but nevertheless here are the two most important ones and the rest of them will follow shortly (if you are in a hurry just scan thru text in bold ;) :

  • New couple - Ben (English) and Bea (Spanish) - are this year helping managing the resort.They went through 4 months of "intensive training" and are now mastering their position. They are young, dynamic, professional and very outgoing with the guests. They are also great dive masters and - especially Bea - very passionate about marine life. It is delight talking with her on this topic :-) After meeting them for the interview, we knew they would be a great addition to our AD team. The comments of our guests about Ben and Bea are excellent, so what more could we wish for :-) . We are grateful for all the efforts they put in their work and are happy to be working with them in 2015 !                                                     
  • Diving-vise we have another thrilling year behind us. The top unexpected surprise was certainly for Ben, when he encountered a whale shark on the house reef, while working on the anchorage ropes! Also on the house reef, some divers saw baby black tips and others saws Mobula rays. Our house reef is offering some really good diving, even superb when conditions are right! We noticed the amount of fish in Alor is going up. The colors and condition of reefs are remarkable and one of the main attractions for our returning guests. All of the favorite dive sites (and it is a lot of them !! ;)) delivered what we expected (not every single time though, but this is how nature planed it :P) Hammerheads were almost a regular this year. Some divers had extreme luck of seeing large schools and some divers had an excitement of  a pretty close encounter! Rhinophias were abundant as were also other critters in Kalabahi Bay dives (again - not every single time :P). Nudies come and go and at the moments is nudi's  party underwater. Soon we will put online Gilles's best of 2014 UW photos, but you can already check out some of the UW photos on our Facebook page (click here

Coming back soon with some more "old and not so old " news ..

Till then many greetings from Alor Divers team!

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