Mar 11, 2015

New resort in Alor !

2015 is an exciting new season for diving in Alor! 

10 years ago, when we (Gilles and Neya) decided to settle in Alor we were hesitating between few locations in Pantar Strait. Finally the opportunity of living on a remote sandy beach with preserved house reef looked like a perfect fit for what we wanted professionally and personally. We settled in Pantar, built Alor Divers and gave life to our beautiful girls Maliana and Lyvie. Our little corner flourished as Alor region in general got increasing number of visitor and divers with each passing year. Furthermore  muck diving became very popular in a diving world and Alor has some great muck to offer.  We saw an opportunity and started to play with the idea of building an additional resort on a different location in Alor. It eventually became clear to us we couldn’t to do it on our own if we wanted to offer personalized and professional service we give at Alor Divers. We looked for partners for a new “adventure” and  decided together with our friends Max and Lauren for a partnership  in setting up a new resort in Kalabahi Bay near great muck diving sites. 

Creating Alami Alor Dive Resort took over a year of joined efforts and we are happy to announce that it will be open for guests starting 5 April, 2015! While we (Gilles and Neya) contributed our experience of working, living and diving in Alor, Max and Lauren did excellent work with designing and constructing the new resort. They are also resort managers and will take care of everything above and below sea level to ensure Alami Alor’s guests have a memorable stay!

Between Alor Divers located in the strait and Alami Alor in the bay, there is a choice of accommodation and diving experiences to suite a variety of expectations for a dive holiday in the Alor Archipelago. Even though the resorts are two separated establishments, we would like to offer for 2015 a special promotional discount for a combination package at the 2 resorts. Book a 6 night package at Alor Divers plus a 6 night package at the new Alami Alor Dive Resort and receive 10% discount on both stays plus 1 extra night free for a total of 13 nights in Alor.  

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