May 7, 2013

Amazing start of the diving season 2013 !

Only a month  since we open this year and the diving has been amazing. Tons of macro life on the coral dives as well as on the muck dive, my favorite fish the harlequin ghost pipe fish has been found in yellow, white, black and orange colors, many of them...always a pleasure to see.

the surprise came this week with a Hairy Frogfish in Goodies...

And for the bigger staff the highlight was a school of hammerhead shark that came close to our group of divers. The photo is taken with fish eye 10.5 and not cropped !!!

yes your are not dreaming, it is Alor not galapagos...!   ;-)

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  1. je n'y crois pas …. on revient de toutes façons, c'est prévu …