Mar 11, 2012

Preparations for 2012

The new season approach and like every year we rush for the final maintenance touch. We always try to improve details, like the kitchen getting a new paint but also more dramatic changes: this year 2 more bungalows have been renovated with brick walls and a bigger terrace. But this is the visible part; my everyday work during the break is mainly around water pump, compressor, speed boat engines, generators and everything else related to technical matter. The idea is to have all in mint condition at the start of the season to minimize the problems during the time with guests.
Also every year we try to improve little things, so this year we will offer WIFI in the restaurant, of course the speed and the transfer rate are very low because we use the hand phone network as a internet connection, so cannot expect much but probably enough for checking emails . 
This year we will welcome a new couple of diving instructor: Daniele from Italia and Jennie from England. They were previously working in Vietnam …

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