May 15, 2011

Beginning of 2011 diving season

i know …i should give news more often…
Eva and Pierre a French instructor couple are replacing Junko, she found a new life in Switzerland…( she must miss the warm water and colorful reef already ) …so we all here wish her a good new start .The 30-40 M or more visibility is back, so nice to dive in such clear water, the reef are so colorful.

Macro diving has always is part of surprise and new discover, among them we could mention, tiger shrimp, tiny yellow and red frog fish, incredible halimeda crab ( I don’t know to call it, it was inside the halimeda grass and mimic with it, see photo), Sea horses , Pegasus, rinopias…ect.

And very last news is from our house reef where a family of orange bargibandi made home on a gorgonian fan at 24 m deep.

Till next….safe diving…

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  1. Dear Gilles and Neya,

    Wat a beautiful Crab! Did you find it at my favorite divesite Ampera?
    We still miss Pantang Island and the Alor Divers kitchen, views, people and the underwaterheaven.
    Warm greetings from your coca cola visitors Agnes and Sander