Jun 18, 2010

from Junko

The resort is still demanding a lot of work and time , so I asked Junko our Instructor and guide to write us a bit about underwater….

Night dive at house reef. I found blue-ringed octopus just after entry! The blue ring was lit up with torch was so beautiful. I almost touched it. ...no,no, dangerous.

Our pygmy's family is still there. Now there're 9 of them.

And....Dugong! In May, our guest saw him underwater! Usually they run away as soon as possible if meet divers. But this time, he swam around them! Unbelievable!!! Also few days ago, we saw him near the house reef from the boat.

by junko

This year, we saw mola mola from the boat more than last year. Few days ago, we almost managed to see him underwater!

We're on the boat to back to resort. Then something black moved on the surface. ...Mola mola!!! We knew he comes up only one or two times and goes down, so we kept on eyes to him. But this time, he didn't go down, just swam closed surface! His fin keep moving around! Ok, get ready to wet again! We put musk and fins, and I entered quickly but quietly.

....ah.....it's far.... His swimming was so quickly.... Bye bye mola mola...

But I feel we will manage to see Mola mola in underwater soon! There's no reason, just I feel!!

By Junko

On the 9th May, We saw unbelievable things during dive! What do you think???

it's..... Dolphins!!!!!

The point was beautiful slope in Pura Island. At 25m, suddenly I heard somebody's shouting. What’s happen?? I looked up quickly. Then something big were coming from the blue. ....What? Woooooow!!! Dolphins!!!

They were passing front of us. Six of them swim together happily. How beautiful creature they are! Their smile, graceful movement. We just watched them without doing anything.

by junko

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